Back tested and real past performance do not guarantee future performance. Every investor should make sure, if possible with the help of an advisor, if this financial service is suitable for his personal situation. All investments carry significant risk. There is no guarantee of profit.

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Great return on investment.

A rational investment policy

Our strategies are based on academically proven market effects. A mix of strategies and instruments ensures diversification. Three risk categories are available (defensive, moderate and aggressive). Limited leverage can be used. The maximum leverage in the category moderate risk is about 7 to 1. This is extremely rare, as it requires three strategies to have a position at the same time.

Only liquid instruments are used. Liquidity guarantees minimum slippage and good order execution. The  positions are open a few hours up to ten days, depending on the strategy. A fixed time stop covers every position. Results build up gradually. The investment horizon should be at least 18 months.


  • On average there are 2-3 trades per week.
  • The percentage of winning trades is consistently around 60%.
  • The average profit on a winning trade exceeds the average loss on a losing trade.
  • The average monthly gross return is +6,5%.

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Each investment strategy, and the market effect on which it is based, is described in detail on this website. When a position is opened, clients know exactly when and why.

The open positions are visible in real-time on the website.

An account statement and a performance chart of your account are mailed to you every day.

Investui investment returns per market effect.

The factsheet page contains detailed performance and risk information. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. But the past performance of Investui is impressive.


The cost structure is transparent and fair. Fees that are traditionally charged by funds and portfolio managers do not exist.

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There are no fixed costs, which eat into your profit. But there are some fair fees, which you need to take into account.


  1. Market effects are academically proven. They give investors a statistical edge.

  2. Four strategies, based on four market effects diversify risk.

  3. Four instruments (DAX, S&P 500, gold and USD/GBP) diversify risk.

  4. The risk exposure is not permanent. Most positions are only open three days or less.

  5. Every open position has a fixed time stop.
Clients can choose their risk category (defensive, moderate or aggressive). Most investors only have buy-and-hold investments. The active investment approach offered by Investui is a diversification of your traditional buy-and-hold investment portfolio.

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