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Investui only charges fair fees. Fees that are traditionally charged by investments funds and other management formulas simply do not exist:

  • No entry fee and no exit fee.
  • No monthly fee.
  • No subscription fee to receive the alerts.
  • No management fee.
  • No performance fee.

In short, clients do not have fixed costs which eat into their return.

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Set-up A technology set-up fee of € 99 is charged one time at the start. CURRENTLY FREE for new accounts.
All-in order commission Futures accounts: $ or € 4,99 per future per order.
CFD-Forex accounts: $ or € 4,99 per order.
Alerts All clients receive all alerts. Only if a strategy is profitable at the end of the calendar year, the alerts are billed: 2% per profitable strategy calculated on profit after costs. In short, you only pay for the alerts if they have actually made a profit.

Example: at the end of the calendar year a client has a net profit of € 2500. All four strategies generated a profit. This client will be charged € 200 (= € 2500 x 0,08). If only three out of four strategies generated a profit. This client will be charged € 150 (= € 2500 x 0,06).

The following fees may be relevant to some clients
CFD financing charge CFD positions on gold and stock indexes will be charged a financing charge if kept overnight. The financing charge is calculated as (Benchmark + 3,5%) / 360.

Financing charges do not exist for Futures.
Clients who don't place a single order in a quarter will be billed a fixed € 50 per quarter.

We invite you to read the E.U. ex-ante costs and charges disclosure document.

Investui is a refreshing new way to invest online.