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EFFICIENT – For investors with limited time

Investui (your investments) is a modern way of investing efficiently. Clients receive e-mails with alerts. These alerts are generated by carefully selected strategies; similar to strategies used by professional investors and traders. The strategies use academically proven market or calendar effects. One click in the e-mail allows the investor to convert the alarm into a real position. The position will be closed automatically.


  1. Investui monitors the markets.
  2. Investui sends an e-mail alert when a market effect occurs.
  3. The investor takes a position by clicking once in the e-mail.
  4. One click, that's it. The position will be opened and closed automatically.
Family investment.

The open positions are visible in real-time on the website. Investui relentlessly pursues a policy of making things as easy as possible for the client. You do not need to log in to an account manager. Memorizing a username and password is not necessary. All information is send via e-mail. Detailed account statements are send by e-mail every day. The results and costs are clearly indicated in the statement.

Investui clients opinions.

TRANSPARENT – For investors who want (to track) results

Each investment strategy, and the market effect on which it is based, is described in detail. When an alert is send, clients know exactly why. The mail contains additional information allowing clients to make a quick informed decision.

An account statement and a performance chart of your account are mailed to you every day.

Investui investment returns per market effect.

The free factsheet contains detailed performance and risk information. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. The past performance of Investui is impressive.

INEXPENSIVE – For investors who dislike high fees

Investui has a 100% transparent cost structure. Fees that are traditionally charged by investment funds and other portfolio management formulas simply do not exist.

Save time

In short, clients do not have fixed costs which eat into their returns. Even so, there are some fair fees, which you need to take into account.

RATIONAL RISK – For investors who value diversification

The risk is rational for five precise reasons.

  1. Investui is based on academically proven market effects.

  2. A mix of carefully selected strategies diversifies risk.

  3. A mix of instruments diversifies risk (gold, currencies and two stock indexes).

  4. Clients are not permanently exposed to market risk. The majority of positions are open three days or less.

  5. Clients cannot forget to close a position.
Clients can influence their risk. Every alert can be rejected, a choice of position sizes is available, margin can be used or not and positions can be closed at any time. Most retail investors only have buy-and-hold investments. The active investment approach offered by Investui is a diversification of your traditional buy-and-hold investment portfolio.