Investui explained


Die Investui Fakten.

An excellent return on investment

Investui consists of four strategies. Each strategy is based on a market effect. The existence of market effects is academically proven.

Fact 1: Investui delivers excellent returns

The chart shows the gross profit for all four strategies combined, based on a back-test and real results. The position size is one future or the equivalent in CFDs.

An investment with an excellent net return.


  • 33,1% net return in 2020
  • 17,5% net return in 2021
  • Only one negative year in the last 11 years

Fact 2: Investui does not trade a lot

The average number of trades per month over the last 12 years is 11. Investui executes around 3 trades per week.

The number of trades.


  • There is no over-trading on the account.
  • A limited number of trades means you do not pay much in order commissions.
  • The commissions per order are very low.

Fact 3: Investui is well diversified

Investui diversifies with a combination four strategies and four instruments (gold, USD, DAX, S&P 500). This analysis shows the gross profit contribution of each strategy.

Diversification of the investment strategies.


  • Some strategies deliver a profit every year.
  • When one strategy put in a weaker performance, another strategy compensated.

Fact 4: Every Investui strategy generates more than 50% winning trades

These are the percentages of winning and losing trades over a period of 11 years.

Diversification of the investment strategies.


  • No strategy generates only winning trades. Expect also losing trades.
  • Each strategy has a majority of winning trades.
  • The average size of the winning trades is bigger than the average size of the losing trades.

Fact 5: Investui delivers an excellent monthly performance

This is the average monthly gross return per month over the last 12 years.

A good monthly return.


  • The average monthly return is positive in every year except one.
  • The average monthly return is above 5% in 8 out of 12 years.

These graphs show 2020 and 2021. The graphs give an impression of how the performance evolves on a calendar month basis.




  • Not all months have a positive return. Expect some months with a negative return.
  • In 2020 and 2021 big market drops occurred (e.g. Covid lock downs). Each time a loss is quickly recovered in the following month(s).
  • The months with a positive return occur more frequently.

Fact 6: Investui outperforms the markets

This chart compares the performance of Investui, the DAX and the S&P 500 over the period 2015-2021.

Investui outperforms the DAX and the SP500.

This chart compares the performance of Investui and gold over the period 2015-2021.

Investui outperforms gold.


  • Investui outperforms all instruments it trades.
  • Investui tends to deliver a positive performance even when the instruments go down or sideways.

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